Endodontic Treatments

Endodontic treatment

Endodontic (root canal) treatment is one of the most technically demanding treatments available in dentistry. Although all dentists are trained to provide root canal treatment, some dentists specialise in root canal treatment having undertaken further training in this field. Problems such as canal curvature, calcification or unsuccessful attempts at root filling will require the intervention of dentists with specialist skills. You may choose, or your dentist may recommend, to have a more routine root canal treatment completed to a specialist standard to maximise successful outcome.

Root canals are typically less than 1/10 of a millimetre in diameter and those who specialise in root canal treatment will use microscopes, advanced equipment and specialist techniques which significantly increases the success of treatment when compared to that of a general practitioner.


Requires revision of previous treatment to remove old root filling materials and disinfect root canals to remove persistent bacteria

Example of retreatment of a maxillary first molar tooth

Canal Calcification

Root canals can become calcified and blocked due to long term irritation of the dental pulp making them impossible to negotiate without specialist equipment and materials

Example of a calcified maxillary incisor successfully treated

Post or file removal

Root canals can be blocked by the placement of posts or pins used to retain crowns or large fillings making future endodontic treatment challenging

Example of successful removal of a fractured post and endodontic retreatment

Open Apex Closure

Traumatised teeth can be difficult to treat where there has been damage to the dental pulp or supporting tissue effecting normal root development

Example of closure of open root apex following infection as a result of trauma to the tooth

Perforation Repair

Root canals can be easily perforated by the instruments used to clean and shape them. Special cements can be used to repair such defects

Example of perforation repair located during endodontic retreatment

Microsurgical Endodontics

A surgical approach can be undertaken with persistent disease to excise inflammatory or cystic tissue at the root end

Example of surgical endodontic treatment to remove this radicular cyst

Fee Guide

Providing high quality endodontic (root canal) treatment is time consuming and requires expensive specialised materials, equipment and training.

The cost of treatment ranges from £525-£750 for a front tooth to £725-£850 for a back tooth depending on complexity.

Following consultation, a precise cost of treatment will be given and a written report provided. Root canal treatment is nearly always cheaper than extraction and provision of a bridge or dental implant.



Consultation / Assessment £150
Incisor / Canine Tooth From £500
Premolar Tooth From £550
Molar Tooth From £700
Microsurgery From £525

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